Every salon service begins with an aromatherapy shampoo and conditioning treatment. We provide haircut and style services for men, women, and young adults. Fee for service is dependent on hair length, texture, and style detail. 


As a guest at Monet’s we invite you to relax and enjoy a complimentary stress-relieving scalp massage or a soothing hand relief treatment*.


*Due to COVID-19, scalp massage and hand relief treatment are temporarily unavailable. 




Master Stylist                                   $75

Stylist                                               $60

*Prices may vary depending on hair length and thickness


                                                           Stylist       Master Stylist

                        Touch-Up Roots                           $85                $90   

                      Full Color                                       $120              $130


                               Partial Highlights                          $135               $145              

                    Full Highlights                               $165              $175


                        Balayage                                        $165+            $250+





                                                                   Master Stylist

                     Keratin Treatment                             $175


Japanese Straightening                    $250


                                                                                       Stylist       Master Stylist

                  Deep Conditioning                          $25           $35


                  Wash & Blow-Dry                           $40          $50


                  Flat or Curling Iron                        $25           $25

At Monet Salon, we use only Aveda Full Spectrum hair color- infused with conditioning plant oils for shinier, healthy-looking hair. Aveda hair color is essentially damage free, does not negatively affect the environment or your health, and provides unlimited shade possibilities. 

Let us customize a treatment to help refresh and revitalize your hair that is dry, oily or damaged. These intensive professional treatments use botanically active ingredients that add moisture to your hair combined with a deep penetrating mask that will repair dry, damaged hair, leaving it soft and manageable.